Pallet Wrapping: It's Good For Business

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Pallet Wrapping: It's Good For Business

25 January 2018
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Pallets serve a useful purpose in today's marketplace. Moving your products from one place to another and storing excess inventory is a lot easier when you have your products loaded onto pallets. Ensuring that your product remains safely loaded on a pallet often requires that you wrap each pallet with a plastic film.

This film helps to prevent items from falling off or becoming damaged by dirt and debris during storage and transportation. If you are relying on hand-wrapping to prepare each of your loaded pallets, you could be wasting valuable resources. Investing in a stretch wrapper could be good for your business.

A stretch wrapper can reduce the amount of film used on each pallet.

Cutting overhead operating costs can be a simple and effective way to boost your company's profits. Making the decision to purchase a stretch wrapper to prepare your pallets could eliminate the excessive use of plastic film products.

Hand-wrapping is not uniform, and one employee may use a lot of plastic film while another only uses very little. Standardizing film usage by relying on a stretch wrapper will help you regulate costs and better plan for operational expenditures as your company moves forward.

Your packaging will look more professional when using a stretch wrapper.

Because employees completing a hand-wrap of each pallet your company ships are unable to generate a uniform application, your pallets often end up looking haphazard and a bit sloppy. This unprofessional appearance could paint your company in a negative light.

If you are hoping to expand distribution into major retail chains, you will need to present professional packaging not only for each individual product, but for your loaded pallets as well. A stretch wrapper will help give large retailers confidence in your company's ability to generate quality products they will be proud to stock on their shelves.

A stretch wrapper can reduce injury.

Keeping your employees safe at all times is a big responsibility. When you have employees hand-wrapping your pallets, the risk of injury is significant. Pallet wrapping requires a lot of heavy lifting when maneuvering large rolls of plastic film.

Your employees could sustain back injuries or pull muscles due to fatigue. Having a stretch wrapper complete the wrapping process keeps your employees out of harm's way when it comes to preparing loaded pallets for shipment or storage.

If you are trying to streamline your company's operations, consider the benefits you will enjoy when you opt to invest in a stretch wrapper.

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